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Ages 6½ - 12

It is now well documented that children progress more quickly when they enjoy what they are doing. Children will also understand and learn a new language better if they can use it 'personally', and if the words and phrases relate to their world. 

All our children's language courses have been devised with this in mind. They are designed to be fully practical, enjoyable and related to your child's own life and personal experiences. This provides him/her with a context where the language comes alive and is presented in an engaging and stimulating way. 

Depending on the age group, each course is structured around themes that your child experiences in his/her own daily life, using age-appropriate vocabulary, language functions and grammatical structures, with relevant oral and practical activities.

While the general emphasis is on oral skills and learning to communicate in the target language, pupils are also introduced to the written form through fun, engaging activities. Grammar is always presented through interesting and enjoyable tasks. It is introduced naturally as part of the process of learning to communicate, and becomes instinctive rather than a specific exercise. 

Our Children's courses are held all year round, with special intensive courses available during Christmas, Easter, and Summer holidays.

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